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"Grips Ice Cleats Grippers are ideal for the oil and gas drilling and for utility workers
because they're non-conductive and non-sparking... "
Grips Ice Cleat Grippers Overshoes
$49.97 /pr.*
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Grips are ice grippers overshoes that give you good traction on ice. But look at the chart below and you'll see how Grips Overshoes stop slips and falls in all the slippery conditions you're exposed to every day in oil and gas operations or as an electrical or gas utility worker.
  • Grips give you great traction because there are six thick bands of aluminum oxide on each overshoe.
  • Grips are long-lasting because unlike other grit based ice traction devices that simply have a thin layer of grit-like material that wears out quickly, the thick bands of aluminum oxide actually refreshes itself as it wears away.
    Grips Ice Grippers Overshoe Thick Aluminum Oxide Band Cut Away showing the thickness Grips Overshoes Treads
  • Many sites state that cleated ice cleats last longer than those using grit... and they're absolutely right. But the goal here is reduce falls and keep employees safe. Slipping on oil... grease... chemicals... or whatever the slippery surface injure you just as bad as falls on ice and snow. I think we all agree that explosions that take out the entire team working on the pipeline or drilling rig rank right up there with slips and falls as risks you might want to avoid. You don't buy grit ice cleats because they're the longest lasting type of ice cleat. You don't buy gritted ice cleats because they give you the best traction on ice. You buy grit based ice cleats because they're the best ice cleats to suit your traction needs when spark suppression is critical and/or the primary slip hazard is grease and oil. And you buy Grips Ice Cleats because they're the longest lasting grit based ice cleats.
Slippery Condition:
Oil and Grease
Snow and Slush
Water & Other Liquids
Animal Fats  
Soaps and Waxes  

But the Grips Overshoes do offer certain advantages in addition to simply protecting shoes and boots...

  • Grips Patented Design aligned with metatarsals for better traction.The tread is designed to actual expel snow and other contaminants that might otherwise clog the tread or prevent the aluminum oxide grit from making contact with the ice. It works the same way an ice cube trays expels ice cubes when you twist it.
  • The tread is ergonomically designed to align the metatarsals in your foot with the treads so that your weight is placed ideally and naturally on the
    treads for better traction.
  • Grips Patented Trim LineGrips Overshoes will fit over very large work boots up to 16+. There's a patented Trim Line you can cut to widen the top so it's easier to put over larger boot sizes.
  • If you don't want or need the full protection of an overshoe you should consider Grips Lite Ice Cleats Grippers because they offer the same protection but in a less expensive shoe attachment.
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    to find out about Grips Lite Ice Cleats Grippers
Grips® JD912 4" Overshoes
Grips Ice Cleats Grippers Overshoes Model JD912

$49.97 /pr.*
* Overshoes are Not Discounted and therefore not Included in Volume Discount Calculations
Grips will fit most shoes and boots according to the following size chart.
Note that the sizes are based upon a normal work boot.
Fits Shoe Sizes
Grip-X Sizes
Black Only
14 - 15½
12 - 13½
10 - 11½
12 - 13½
7½ - 9½
9½ - 11½
6 - 7
8 - 9
4 - 5½
6 - 7½